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Wednesday 26 November 2014

DIY - Christmas Decorations

What to do:
1. Cut CDs into various small shapes and sizes. It's not the simplest material to cut through, but can be done with a decent pair of scissors.

2. Glue a small dot onto the ornament and press a piece of mosaic on top with the shiny side facing up. Be sure to wipe away any remaining glue from the glue gun. It is much easier to clean as you go then to wait until the end.

3. Continue gluing until the entire ornament is covered. Tip: You can also place the ornament on top of a small cup to hold in place as you glue.

4. Place some ribbon inside the ornament. Since you can see through the glass ornament, this will cover up the glue dots on the inside and the back side of the CD pieces. Tip: Use bright ribbon to add some extra color.

What you need:
1. Glass ornament
2. CDs (choose ones that are silver underneath and not blue/purple. It takes about 1½ to make 1 ornament)
3. Ribbon
4. Scissors
5. Glue gun

Estimated time needed:
30 minutes plus drying


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