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Tuesday 27 September 2011

DIY Decor: Hanging Heavy Pictures

The Home Owner's Directory:
Large pictures or mirrors in heavy frames can be securely wall-mounted quickly and simply using the methods described here, using a drill, screwdriver, a spirit level and a few sturdy wall fixings. It’s a good idea to ask someone to help you with this job, as it can be difficult to lift and hang a large picture with just one pair of hands – especially if you need to stand on a stepladder to reach the hooks or screw-hole position.

Useful Tools:
 . d-rings
 . tape measure
 . single- or two-pin picture hooks
 . pencil
 . drill and drill bits
 . screwdriver
 . spirit level
 . s-hook
 . decorative chain, picture wire or cord

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DIY Decor: Designer tableware

You will need: plain white crockery, paper, pencil, ceramic paints, paintbrush.

Time needed: 10 minutes
Practise your design on paper until you are happy with it. Freehand geometric designs look effective and are easy to do. Make sure the crockery is clean and dry before you start. Paint on your design and leave to dry. Some ceramic paints are fixed by baking the crockery in the oven - follow the manufacturer's instructions.