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Monday 6 August 2012

Interior decor idea: Bright Contrast Bathroom

Add instant impact to a plain white bathroom with accessories in zingy shades, to be changes when the mood takes you.

This really is a simple and foolproof way to create a splash of colour in your bathroom – great if you’re not confident enough to paint the wall with bright colours or haven’t the time for serious decoration.

Give the walls a simple finish with white emulsion paint. This could be extended to plain floorboards too, using gloss paint. This bathroom features a free-standing suite which adds character to the room. Alternatively, a fitted suite would give the bathroom a more contemporary look.

The key to this look is the choice of bold coloured accessories. Bath mats, towels, soaps and bubble baths are great starting points as they can always be found in a good variety of colours. This look will work best if you stick to three colours which work together, such as cerise pink, aqua, yellow and blue. Complete the look with chrome accessories for a sleek finish.

DIY bathroom decor idea: Three-toned walls

1. Make sure the walls are clean of grease and grime. Choose the areas of wall to paint, divide the height into three and mark each third of the wall with a pencil. Use a ruler and spirit level to ensure the lines are straight and even.

2. Working from the bottom up, apply masking tape carefully above the first line, in order not to paint the wrong area. Make sure you apply the tape as straight and evenly as possible.

3. Paint the area below the bottom line with the darkest shade. Allow to dry and apply a second coat if needed.

4. Once the paint is dry, carefully peel off the masking tape. Now apply masking tape above the second line and paint the areain between with the middle shade. When dry, remove the tape and apply tape below the second line. paint the top section in the lightest shade and remove the tape when dry.

You will need: long ruler, spirit level, pencil, masking tape, 3 tones of one matt emulsion paint colour, paintbrush or roller.

Time needed: 1 day plus drying

How to create a instant splashback for you bathroom

Instant splashback

1. Place one piece of Perspex on top of the other and line them up carefully. Drill four holes through both pieces, one in the middle of each side. Then drill matching holes in the tile splashback.

2. Copy some butterfly motifs on to tracing paper, then transfer them to the coloured paper and cut out carefully with a craft knife.

3. Arrange the motifs on one sheet of Perspex. When you are happy with the design, spray the totifs with adhesive and stick on the Perspex.

4. Place the second piece of Perspex on top and fix the whole splashback in place with mirror screws. Seal the joins with sealant to stop the inside misting up.

You will need: 2 pieces of Perspex to fit the splashback, drill, tracing paper, pencil, coloured paper, craft knife, cuttin mat, spray adhesive, 4 mirror screws, screwdriver, clear silicone sealant.

Time needed: 3 hour plus drying

DIY Decor idea for your bathroom: Duckling shower curtain

1. To begin, find a colour photograph or picture of a duckling (try looking in an animal or farmyard book). You'll need to get this colour photocopied as many times as you want to use the image, to a suitable size. You can try variations in the pattern, such as one large image or a single row or panel of smaller images.

2. Cut out the duckling shapes and arrange them in a pattern on one of the pieces of PVC, allowing space at the top for eyelets. Stick them down when you are happy with the design.

3. Place the second piece of PVC over the top and use a sewing maching to sew the two pieces together around all four edges, again leaving a border at the top for the eyelets. This will prevent the images from getting wet.

4. Fix the eyelets along the top of the curtain above the stitched line and add hooks to attach to a shower curtain rail.

You will need: coloured picture of a duckling, scissors, 2 pieces of PVC, each yje size of a shower curtain, clear-drying glue or double-sided sticky tape, sewing machine, eyelet kit, shower curtain hooks.

Time needed: 4 hours

DIY Bathrrom decor ideas: Mosaic table top

1. Wrap the ceramic tiles in a towel and gently knock them with a hammer. Alternatively, use tile nippers to create shards of varying sizes.

2. Lay out the broken pieces on the surface you want to cover and move them around until you are happy with the arrangement.

3. Working from one edge, use a notched spreader to create and even layer of tile adhesive over a small section of the surface. Position the pieces of tile on top and press lightly into the adhesive. Work in small sections until you have covered the whole area.

4. Press a piece o wood or MDF evenly on top of the tiles to ensure the surface is level, and remove and excess adhesive with the spreader. Leave the adhesive to dry thoroughly, following the manufactturer's instructions.

5. Once dry, fill the spaces between the tiles with grout using a squeegee and wipe the tiles clean with a soft, sligtly damp cloth. Leave to dry.

You will need: ceramic tiles, towel and hammer or tile nippers, tile adhesive with notched spreader, piece of wood or MDF, tile grout, squeegee, damp cloth..

Time needed: 4 hours plus drying