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Monday 14 May 2012

Bathroom decor tips: Creative shower curtain

What you need: plain fabric shower curtain, fabric dye pens, newspaper and three round objects.

What to do: Before you begin, check that the fabric dye pens can be used on the shower curtain. If not, you could use a plain piece of cotton and protect it by sandwiching it between two see-through shower curtains, or two pieces of PVC.

Lay the curtain on a flat surface which has been protected by newspaper. Choose three round objects of different sizes to draw around, such as plates or bowls. Draw round the objects with the dye pens to make circles on the shower curtain, overlapping some of the circles.

Finish by colouring in some of the circles to make solid shapes. Allow the dye to dry.

Time: 30 minutes plus drying

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Bathroom decor: How to make a frosted lantern.

What you will need: scrap paper, scissors, spray adhesive, glass from a clip frame, newspaper, glass frosting spray, picture stand and a tealight.

What to do: Cut out a template of your design from scrap paper. Cover one side of the template with spray adhesive and stick it to the glass. Place the glass on a sheet of newspaper and spray it with frosting spray.

When it is dry, peel off the template. Place the glass on the picture stand and put a tealight behind it. Make sure the flame is far enough away so it doesn't heat up the glass.

Time: 15 min

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ref: 100 bright ideas for your bathroom