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Monday 17 September 2012

Bathroom DIY idea: Seashell windows

Start by practising with some stencil and spray on some newspaper to master the technique. Then work out your design on the window, and fix the stencil to the window in the first position using spray adhesive. Use masking tape and newspaper to cover the areas surrounding the stencil, so the rest of the window doesn't get sprayed. Spray over stencil to leave the shell pattern on the glass. Keep the spray 15-25cm away from the glass to avoid the spray running. Allow the spray to dry, then remove the stencil and newspaper and move on to the next motif, again cover the bulk of the window to prevent getting sprayed. Repeat with the other motifs.

You will need: shell stencil, glass etch of frosting spray, spray adhesive, making tape, newspaper.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Bathroom DIY: Bubble effect muriel

Wash the surface with a mild detergant solution, and then wipe it over with a cloth rinsed in methylated spirit to remove and traces of grease. Make sure the surface is completely dry. For a neat finish, trim around each tile motif using sharp scissors, leaving just a small border of clear plastic around the design. Plan where you are going to position each motif before you stick any down. Peel away the backing sheet of one of the otifs. Place the motif in position, the press it firmly in place using a clean, dry lint-free cloth to get rid of any airbubbles, working from the centre of the design to the outside edge. Avoid sticking motifs in areas where they will become saturated (in a shiwer, for example).
You will need: mild detergent, cloth, methylated spirit, tile transfer motifs, scissors, clean, lint-free cloth.
Time needed: 30 minutes

Bathroom decor idea: Bright Contrasts.

Add instant impact to a plain white bathroom with accessories in zingy shades, to be changes when the mood takes you.

This really is a simple and foolproof way to create a splash of colour in your bathroom - great if you're not confident enough to paint walls with bright colours or have not the time for serious decoration.

Give the walls a simple finishe with white emulsion paint. This could be extended to the plain floorboards too, using a gloss paint. This bathroom features a free-standing suite which adds character to the room. Alternatively, a fitted suite would give the bathroom a more contemporary look.

The key to this look is the choice of bold coloured accessories. Bath mats, towels, soaps and bubble baths are great starting points as they can always be found in a good variety of colours. This look will work best if you stick to three or four colours which work together, such as cerise pink, aqua, yellow and blue. Complete the look with chrome accessories for a sleek finish.

ref: 100 Bright ideas for bathrooms.