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Friday 21 October 2011

Decor DIY idea: Woodstrip memo board

Use wood glue to stick the pine strips to the MDF back board and secure with panel pins. Apply a wash of emulsion paint, then fix two rows of screw hooks and add a bulldog clip to each hook to hold messages, key etc. Screw metal rings to the back of the board, attach picture wire and hang on the wall.

You will need: wood glue, 5 x 45cm lengths of 16mm planed pine - 92mm wide, 45 x 46cm piece of 6mm MDF, panel pins, emulsion paint, screw hooks, bulldog clips, screw eyes with metal rings, picture wire.

Time needed: 30 minutes plus drying

Decor DIY: Frosted glass jars for your kitchen decor

Make sure the jar is clean and dry before you start. Cut a rectangle of the self-adhesive plastic to fit down the front of thejar. Cut a scrap of paper to the same size and write the word you want to etch on the jar. Tape the paper, with the plastic on top, to the cutting mat and cut out the letters with a craft knife. Peel away the backing and smooth the plastic on the jar. Apply several coats of glass etch spray all over the jar, leaving it to dry between coats. Remove the plastic to real the letters.

You will need: plain glass jar, sheet of clear self-adhesive plastic, paper, craft knife and ruler, cutting mat, pencil, sticky tape, glass etch spray

Time needed: 3 minutes plus drying