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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Decor Inspiration: Dappled sunshine & citrus shades

This is a modern house in the country, and you can really feel the sunshine streaming into this space with its bright citrus shades and leafy patterns. The predominant colour is lime green, accompanied by an interesting mix of turquiouse, pale blues, fresh greens and touches of pink. The hard lines of the architecture have been softened by the leaf print at the window - a reference to the trees outside, and the treanslucent checks in lime and turquoise filter the light and accentuate its sunny, dappled quality. But the geometry of square-paned windows is too strong to be ignored - it has been picked up in the contemporary prints on the armchair, cushions and ottoman.
"The colours here are harmonious and well-balanced - adding another shade would break the spell. A chalky softshade of pink on cushions, floor cushions and on the ottoman print stimulates the other colours, rather than clashing. And lots of white prevents the scheme from cloying. Even the flowers - some luminous creamy dahlias from the garden - are almost exclusively white." Trica Guild