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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Colourful Kitchens

Who said kitchens should be white or wood? Make colour the defining feature of your kitchen and create a room with real personality. Use the walls, floor and units to form dramatic blocks of colour. Choose a different shade for each one and keep all the other elements in the kitchen white or steel to avoid turning a bold scheme into discordant jumble of colours.
Go for a colourful kitchen if you enjoy setting your own mark on your home. A colourfull kitchen is the chance to be a bit quirky and have fun with a them, perhaps giving the room retro touches, or repeating bright motifs. This is a relaxed look that can bring warmth and life, particularly to small kitchens.

Country Cottage

Traditional florals, charmingly mismatched china and lots of natural wood make this welcoming look.

Fresh Spring green teamed with white walls and wood provides a simple canvas ready to dress up with pretty country details.

Wood worktops are first choice for a country kitchen. Choose laminate for practically, but if you go for real wood, make sure it's naturallly moisture resistant wood like Teak or Iroko. Keep it well oiled and it will last for years. The deep sink with swan-knecked tap is a lovely period detail but with a practical purpose - it's great or washing up huge pots and grill trays. The swathe of floral fabric at the window is an easy way to disguise the fact that the window is modern.

Little details make the difference in a kitchen like this, like the old-fashioned drying rack, useful where there is little space, and the topiary tree on the windowsill that picks up the stencilled doors.