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Friday 28 October 2011

Interior decor idea: A new mood of calm.

This dining room was formerly much more rustic in style and had a completely different atmosphere - a few simple changes have changes the mood entirely. Although the colour of the wall remains the same textured lime green, this time a tiny modern painting now hangs on the wall, looking wonderfully out of scale on its huge expanse, and much more modern furniture has been used. Minimal glass-fronted metal cabinets house ceramics and glasses, while a large square table in soft grey powder-coated metal is an imposing presence in this low open space.

This room is on the lower ground floor, and has lower ceilings than the rest of the house. It could easily have ended up feeling rather dark, but the wide expanse of windows opening onto the garden, the pale stone floor and simple low shapes of the furniture keep it lights and uncluttered.

Against the pared-down minimalism of the table and cupboards and almost-bare wall, the snaky S-shapes of Tom Dixon's raffia chairs have a gloriously organic, almost sculptural impact and provide an interesting change of texture. In one corner of the room, where a sofa and chairs are grouped around a cosy open fire, checked fabrics and textured embroidery have been replaced by simple white linen upholstery and cushions in clear tonal shades.