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Wednesday 2 July 2014

Décor Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Not everyone can afford the services of an interior decorator, but that doesn’t mean your home can’t look like a million dollars. Professionals are happy to share their knowledge, meaning you can use their tips and tricks without feeling guilty about it. Here are the most important décor advice, as dispensed by those in the know.

Let there be light:

Light makes a room appear bigger and lifts the mood. Keep windows and blinds open, and position mirrors across from windows to reflect light to extend their range and give the illusion there’s more light.

Light also creates atmosphere at night, if it’s soft. So invest in dimmer switches for overhead lights in the rooms that gets used the most and add a lamp or two (and drape a veil or something similar over).
Layer rugs and carpets:

An area rug on top of a wall-to-wall carpet is a quick and easy way to create warmth in a room. Pick a neutral colour for the wall-to-wall carpet and go for a rug in complementing colours. 

Make it a round one if you want to create movement as well as warmth. Keep it uneven
When grouping items, like candles and paintings, work with uneven numbers. Threes, fives, sevens, etc. have proven to be more interesting to the eye than even numbers.

Give it a personal touch:

Family photos, mementos from travels and children’s drawings are the type of things that make a house a home. Be sure to make them part of your décor or your home will be cold and impersonal.
Consider size and scale:
That big chest of drawers you like so much might not work in the smaller spare bedroom. Similarly, a big painting and a small painting might look odd next to each other. For reasons like these,
home style tips by experts dictate that you always consider the size and scale of a room and the items that go into it.

Paint is your friend:

There is no quicker way to transform an entire room than by giving it a new colour. If you can’t afford to repaint the entire room, or if it is too much trouble, just do one accent wall. This creates a striking effect at very little cost. 

Texture creates interest:
Combine three or four different textures in a room to give it an instant lift. In the bedroom, for instance, think woven throws, mirrored night stands, soft linen bedding and a velvet headboard.

Spend money on big items:

If your budget is limited, don’t waste it on the smaller items in a room. Rather use the money you have on the big items, like an imposing chest of drawers, a chaise lounge or marble kitchen table. These types of investments will be much better buys.

Use one colour in different hues:
A room all done up in one colour will be very boring. Instead, use three or four hues that complement each other. Use two or three completely different colours if you’re daring.

You don’t have to spend thousands if you want to give a room a new look. By swopping decorative elements between rooms, or by shopping for a few new ones, you can redecorate for next to nothing.

Article written by Chantel Harris