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Sunday 23 October 2011

Decor idea for your kitchen. Handy cup hooks.

Mark where you want your cup hooks to go, spacing them out evenly. In soft wood, they will simply screw in, but if your units are melamine, you will need to drill holes to start them off. Place a piece of masking tape over the spot where you are going to drill to prevent the drill slipping.

You will need: cup hooks, pencil, low-tack masking tape, drill

Time needed: 15 minutes

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Decor DIY idea: Useful box shelf.

Hold the shelf up at the height you wish it to be, check it is level and mark the positions of the top and bottom edges with a pencil. Remove the shelf and mark on the wall where the screw holes need to go (this will depend on how your type of box shelf fixes to the wall). To prevent drilling a hole which is too deep, hold a screw against the drill bit and wrap a strip of masking tape around the bit to mark the length of the screw. Drill holes and insert wallplugs, hold the box shelf up to the wall and screw in place.

You will need: box shelf, spirit level, pencil, 35mm screws, drill, masking tape, wallplugs, screwdriver.

Time needed: 35 minutes