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Thursday 6 October 2011

Decorating for large open spaces.

Vital, uplifting colour againt a white backdrop

These are vital rather than vivid colour, with clarity and purity that instantly lifts the spirits. A deliberatly low-key backdrop of white whalls and polished resin floor lets the colours sing out in the open, uncluttered space, while other details such as cushions, lamps, tables and other furniture are also confined to white.

 Traditional curtains can look out of place in the minimalist modern spaces, so here, banners of plain fabric have been suspended on metal rods to make simple blinds that can be opened or shut, depending on the quality of light and privacy required. They also take the colour in the room right up to the ceiling. The same window treatment has been used throughout the apartment, but in the lower room just one window panle is coloured; the rest remain pure white, which makes for a cooler feeling around the windows. White is also the predominent colour in the backdrop of walls and floor, with fresh linen cushions and a leather chair and stool.

Inspiration: "thinkcolour" by Tricia Guild"
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