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Friday 12 April 2013

Great Kitchen Styles

Colour is not limited to the paint on the walls. Interesting colours can be used as accents on accessories, wall finishes, borders, flooring inserts and window treatments. A sleek surface in a contemporary room gives a clean, almost austere look, but when the texture of rough, light-absorbing material is added, it creates a warm, welcoming buzz. In a kitchen there's no need to feel bound by fashion trends. Go with what makes you comfortable.

Grey is a good background colour in the kitchen as it enhances bright accents. Keep the bright touches to the accessories, and you will be able to change your look as trends and your budget change.

When light reflects off a surface, we perceive colour. Texture affects or perception of colour to the degree that it absorbs or reflects light. A room painted in high gloss yellow will be dazzling, whereas the same colour in linen will be much more mutted.

Inspiration: Kitchen and Dining by Marcia Margolius

Interior decor ideas: Country Kitchen

The style is reminiscent of the traditional farmhouse. Dark-stained doors get a new lease of life with distressed paint techniques and chicken-wire glass fronts. Keep the colour pale and accessorise the floral, herb and garland patterns. You don't need a rural setting to be able to gather round a country table laden with the colours and textures or earthenware crockery, wildflowers, and a charming mix of rustic and refined elements.

The use of green in this room is refreshing and teams well with the wooden counter tops. Under counter lighting highlights the decorative tiled floral insert on the walls. The chandelier above the dining table allows light to fall on the dining area while the rest of the room fades into the background. Wicker baskets slot into the modular shelf space beneath the wire mesh-fronted storage units.

The quarry-tiled floor is a rich tone of terracotta with a green insert, but wood and brick also works well in this rustic setting. A freestanding dining table, tableware, baskets, rattan chairs, cookware and jars of preserves complete the informal, rustic look. Roman blinds blend in with the style. For extra storage space, consider installing a simple pot rack on the wall.

Inspiration: Kitchen and dining by Marcia Margolius

Kitchen decor ideas: Seaside Chic

Natural textures with pale wood Shaker-styled units bring a fresh breeze into this seaside holiday home. The eclectic 'shabby chic' look continues to be a popular choice in casual, formal or contemporary settings.

Muted pastels, slightly wilted roses, chipped paint and pure whites blend modern practicality with wistful, old-fashioned aesthetic appeal. Tall glazed wall units, generously wide pot drawers and wooden counter tops are a feature of the u-shaped kitchen, where the work triangle is displayed to its best advantage. The plain white scheme complements the white-washed wooden beams and chunky wooden counter tops that add warmth to the kitchen. The plate racks on the walls add chararcter, and open shelves display colourful crockery and glass jars. The glass-fronted units give the room a lighter look compared to the solid doors on the units housing cookware and china. Stools pulled up to the counter top for casual dining have faded floral cushions for comfort.

Inspiration: Kitchen and Dining by Marcia Margolius