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Tuesday 24 April 2012

DIY bathroom decor ideas: Mosaic alcove

The quickest way to fix mosaic tiles is to use sheets of ready-to-grout tiles. Make sure the walls are free of grease and grime and rub down carefully to ensure that you have an even surface. Apply the adhesive to the backs of the tile sheets. Taking care to the sheets properly on the wall, position them carefully and use tile spacers between sheets. Allow the adhesive to dry. Grout between the tiles, wiping off any excess grout. Once the grout is dry, clean the tiles thoroughly with a damp cloth.

You will need: mosaic tile sheets, sandpaper, water-resistant tile adhesive. tile spacers, white tile grout, clean, damp cloth.

Time needed: 2 hours plus drying

DIY interior decor: Glass shelving

Transform an alcove or an empty wall with glass shelving and highlight the square of the wall around shelves by painting it a different colour. Mark out your square on the wall using a spirit level, ruler and pencil. Get three glass shelves cut to size, making them at least 25cm shorter than the width of your sqaure. If you already have glass shelves, mark out the square according to their size, allowing an extra 25cm of width. Once you have marked out your square, mask around the area with masking tape. Paint the square using coloured emulsion. Allow to dry and then apply a second coat. Fix up the shelves.

You will need: spirit level, ruler, pencil, glass shelves, masking tape, coloured emulsion paint, paintbrush, shelf brackets, wallplugs, drill, screws, screwdriver.

Time needed: 4 hoursplus drying