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Monday 1 September 2014

Updating Your Home With Floating Shelves

When it comes to easy ways of upgrading the look of your home, few improvements are as hassle free and effective as adding a floating shelf. Think about it - this simple solution increases your space for showing off gorgeous artworks or beautifully framed photographs whilst leaving your floor space unhindered. Let’s look at a few simple tricks and benefits when it comes to installing the perfect floating shelf to round off your interior:

Creating extra storage at any height: 
 As anyone living in a smaller home will agree, creating storage without sacrificing floor space is always a great idea. Higher floating shelves mean you can place ornaments out of the way, yet still within view. A lower shelf, say at hip level, can be a perfect solution for propping your television or other electronics at user-friendly heights. A shelf containing a few drawers even offers hidden storage for cables and DVDs.

A perfectly framed conversation piece: 
Putting up square and rectangular block shelves, or wall cubes, is almost like creating an ever changing artwork. Fill this focal point with a vase of fresh flowers one week and a collection of antique bottles the next. Be creative by “framing” your favourite teapots, pot plants or even just some books and you’ll soon see their value for elevating just about anything to a conversation piece.

Make a workspace more user-friendly:
Is your workspace an absolute mess? Before dragging a filing cabinet in to your office, consider installing some floating shelves above your desk. By following this route, your books and folders will always be easy to identify and easy to reach without piling up on your desk space.

Utilising a corner:
We all have an awkward corner somewhere in our house where no piece of furniture wants to fit. By installing floating shelves in this space, it can become a beautiful focal area for books, photographs or ornaments. Alternatively use floating shelves to store your most beautiful linen or your favourite shoes in plain sight. This way your most gorgeous things will give you pleasure even when you’re not using them.

Be as creative as you like:
The best part of choosing a floating shelf for your home is that you can be as creative as you like. Materials like plywood or MDF are affordable and can be painted to suit your interior. You can also explore more exotic solutions like raw driftwood, Perspex or metal sheeting. With all the stylish storage and display solutions floating shelves provide, you’ll be sure find the perfect way of updating the look of your home.

Article written by Chantel Harris