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Thursday 29 September 2011

Decor DIY: Replacing A Tap Washer

The Home Owner's DIY Directory:
A dripping tap can be extremely annoying: no matter how firmly you turn off the tap, it may still manage to leak water from the spout. The Source of this problem is usually a worn or faulty rubber washer. You can fix this easily using no more than a screwdriver, an adjustable spanner and a new rubber washer. These days taps come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, but more often tan not the mechanism follows the same principle.

You will need:
. flat screwdriver
 . adjustable spanner
 . new washer
 . cloth

1. Examine the tap to see how the handle is fitted. Modern taps usually have a retaining screw located under the indicator cover. Prise off the cover carefully using the blade of a flat screwdriver. Remember to put the cover
safely to on side.
2. If the screw is clearly visible, you can just loosen it with a screwdriver and gently lift the handle away from the tap assembly. If there is no screw to be seen, it should be possible just to pull the handle upwards.
3. Now unscrew the tap body to expose the tap headgear, taking care not to damage the chrome or the finish (it is advisable to use a cloth for this). If you have any difficulty removing the cover, use an adjustable spanner. 
4. At the top of the headgear you will see a nut. Loosen it using the adjustable spanner. You may need to brave the tap spout with your other hand to stop it twisting and possibly damaging the supply connection beneath.
5. Lift out the tap headgear from the body of the tap. You will see a rubber washer pressed over a little button on the end of the headgear. Prise the washer off using a screwdriver. In some cases the washer may be lying just inside the tap body.
6. Discard the old washer and press the new one securely over the button on the end of the headgear. Reassemble the tap by reversing the steps given above.

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