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Monday 17 August 2015

DIY Room Decor Ideas by Lubna Ali Khan

DIY Photo Collage
This photo collage is perfect for your room if you have a basic plain wall and you’ve been wanting to do something with it. This collage is really easy to make. 

You’ll need: 

- Photos
- Masking tape
- Double sided tape

 1. All you have to do is pick some of your favorite photos and just print them out. 

2. Then you want to go ahead and lay all of your pictures on the floor in shape of a heart just so you can get an idea of which picture you want to go where. 

3. Put a little bit of masking tape on each picture and hang each of them on the wall to map the collage out. 

4. Once you have them all up take a double sided tape and stick them on the wall permanently and remove the masking tape. This is a great way to display your favorite photos. 

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DIY heart lantern
You’ll need:
- Glass jars
- Glitter of your choice
- Spray glue
- Scissors
- Sharpies
- Sticky paper

1. Using the sticky paper draw a heart on it with your sharpie first, then take your scissors and go ahead and cut out the heart. 

2. Now remove the back side of the heart to reveal the sticky part of it and just go ahead and stick that inside your glass jar. Press it firmly on the glass. 

3. Now spray the jar with the spray glue and once you’ve completely sprayed it pour a generous amount of glue in the jar. 

4. Screw the lid back on and shake it so that the glue sticks to the sides of the jar. 

5. Now take the lid off and pour out any excess glitter that is in the jar. 

6. Use a pencil to help you remove the sticker heart from your jar. 

7. Put a battery operated candle inside and you’ve your heart lantern ready. 

DIY succulent holder
You’ll need:
- Looking glass spray paint
- Glass bowl
- Spray bottle
- Vinegar
- Succulent

1. Start off by heading over to the sink. 

2. Take your spray bottle and mix in a concoction of half water and half vinegar, close it up and give it a good shake. 

3. Now head outside and spray paint your glass bowls with the looking glass spray paint. You want to do five thin coats of the spray paint on the inside and wait a minute for it to dry. 

6. Then take the water and vinegar mixture and spray that in and wait for 20 - 30 seconds. This gives it the most amazing effect. 

7. Now repeat the process on the outside of those bowls. 

8. Now you can put a little bit of sand in the bowl and place a succulent on top of it. This makes a beautiful indoor plant decor. 

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 Article Written by:  Lubna Ali Khan