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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Peg board for your kitchen or living room.

Kitchen peg board
Cut your peg board to the size you want. Hold in place against the wall and, having checked that it is level, mark with a pencil through suitable holes where the fixing screws will go. Remove the board and drill the holes into the board, insert wallplugs. Line up the board against the wall. Insert cup hooks in staggered rows across the board and hang up keys, spectacles, scissors, bulldog clips to hold memos and anything else that the peg board will keep out of the way.

You will need: peg board, saw, spirit level, pencil, drill, wallplugs, cup hooks, screws, screwdriver.

Time needed: 30 minutes

A bright and white kitchen decorating idea

Bright and white kitchen

Its astonishing what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make, and a makeover in white will make you see your kitchen in a whole new light. Wash all your walls down thoroughly with sugar soap. Go over each wall and fill any chips, holes or gaps with filler. When dry, sand the filler smooth and also sand over any other bumps on the walls. Wash walls with sugar soap again and leave it to dry. Paint around the edges of the woodwork, ceiling and corners of the room first with a brush, then fill in the larger areas with a paintpad or roller. Leave it dry and then apply a second coat.

You will need: sugar, sponge, wall filler, sandpaper, white emulsion, paintbrush, paintpad or roller, paint tray.

Time needed: Half a day plus drying

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DIY table decor idea

Simplest table runner
Lay the tea towels out flat, wrong side up, and pin together the short edges to make one long table runner. Sew the edges together, creating as flat a seam as possible. Press thoroughly and lay on the table.

You will need: 3 white waffle tea towels, pins, needle or sewing machine thread.

Time needed: 20 minutes

DIY kitchen decor idea

Shortcut Roman blind

On the back of a tea towel sew three rows of three curtain rings, one in the middle and one at each side, ensuring that the rings align across the tea towel. Cut the batten to the width of the tea towel and fix the top of the towel to the top edge of the batten with upholstery tacks. Screw three eyelets to the bottom edge of the battern, to correspond with the three column rings. Screw the battern in place above the window. Cut the cord into three lengths, each twice as long as the tea towel. Knot one end of the cord on to one of the lowest curtain rings. Thread it through the rings above and on to the eyelet. Repeat for the other two rows of rings. To raise the blind, pull the cords and wind around the cleat attached at a convenient height on the adjacent wall.

You will need: tea towel, 9 curtain rings, needle and thread, batten, small saw, upholstery tacks, hammer, 3 eyelets, drill, screws, screwdriver, strong thin cord, cleat.

Time needed: 1 hour