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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Kitchen ideas

Shaker goes modern

Blend pared-down shaker style with modern assets. It's easy to update the shaker look because its simplicity makes it a natural partner for clean, modern lines. Despite being obviously modern in style, this room still owes its roots to the shaker tradition, with framed doors and wood worktops. The hi-tech stainless steel cooker and hood make a dramatic focal point and contemporary metal handles replace the traditional round wooden knobs. The white floor tiles make the room feel clean and bright, while laying them 'brick style', in staggered rows, gives a less formal effect.

If you have room, even a small island is an invaluable addition to the kitchen. make sure the worktop on it is a minimum of 15cm wider than the base unit and you can use it as a breakfast bar as well as a handy preparation surface. Cupboards underneath, extra big pots and the hanging rack above maximize storage - an important factor in Shaker homes.