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Thursday 1 March 2012

Decor DIY: Bathroom wall stamps

Draw horizontal lines on the wall using a ruler, pencil and spirit level, and mark out equal spaces where you want the squares to be. Use a piece of sponge to make the stamp. Drw a square on the sponge with a felt-tip pen and cut out the shape carefully using scalpel. Pour a little of the silver paint on to a plate and dip the sponge into the paint. Practise stamping squares on a spare sheet of paper until you get the hang of the amount of paint and pressure you need. Then stamp squares on to the wall in the positions you have marked. Leave to dry.

You will need: ruler, pencil, spirit level, sponge, felt-tip pen, scalpel, silver paint, plate, scrap paper.

Time needed: 2 hours plus drying