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Wednesday 7 January 2015

DIY - Striped Tablecloth

What to do:
Step 1: Wash and tumble dry a natural-colored canvas tablecloth a few times to soften the fabric.

Step 2: Lay the cloth flat. Run 5 strips of grout tape down the middle of the fabric widthwise, 0.6cm apart.

Step 3: Paint red fabric paint onto a paper plate and dab a brush in it, off-loading any extra paint onto a paper towel. Working in short strokes, lightly brush the paint on the cloth between the taped areas to catch the grain of the canvas.

Step 4: Continue to layer the pigment until it appears as dark as desired. Remove the tape once the paint has dried according to the package instructions.

What you need:
- white tablecloth
- red fabric paint or any colour you would prefer
- paper plate
- paint brush
- grout tape
- scissors


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