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Sunday 2 November 2014

Garden Markers

What to do: 
1. Roll each clay ball into a coil about 5.5″long. Then flatten the coils to .25″ thick with your rolling pin.

2. Use the dull side of your knife to trim one end into a point (the dull side won’t leave behind serrated marks), and shape the edges of each marker with the flat side of your knife. Smooth out any imperfections with your finger, transfer the markers into your baking dish, and get your stamps out.

3. Stamp your garden markers, and bake them according to the clay package instructions. Polymer clay is plastic, so don’t worry about sealing it. Be gentle with your markers! Polymer clay isn’t the most sturdy material, but if you carefully plant them next to your herbs they should last. 

What you need:
- oven bake-able polymer clay rolled into 1.25″balls (one ball for each marker)
- appropriate baking dish (according to package instructions)
- a rolling pin
- a butter knife
- rubber letter stamps
- an oven

Estimated time needed: 1hour and 30 minutes plus drying


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