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Friday, 12 April 2013

Great Kitchen Styles

Colour is not limited to the paint on the walls. Interesting colours can be used as accents on accessories, wall finishes, borders, flooring inserts and window treatments. A sleek surface in a contemporary room gives a clean, almost austere look, but when the texture of rough, light-absorbing material is added, it creates a warm, welcoming buzz. In a kitchen there's no need to feel bound by fashion trends. Go with what makes you comfortable.

Grey is a good background colour in the kitchen as it enhances bright accents. Keep the bright touches to the accessories, and you will be able to change your look as trends and your budget change.

When light reflects off a surface, we perceive colour. Texture affects or perception of colour to the degree that it absorbs or reflects light. A room painted in high gloss yellow will be dazzling, whereas the same colour in linen will be much more mutted.

Inspiration: Kitchen and Dining by Marcia Margolius

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