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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Interior inspiration: A space to dream

The restful feeling in this room is a result of its combination of natural colours and textures: the stone and old beams of the architecture, the warm wooden floor, the cool metal frames of the furniture, the crisp linen on the beds. Just one colour - a pale pink so soft it is almost a neutral - has been added to inject a degree of freshness and warmth. But this is not frilly, feminine pink. The clean lines of the contemporary daybed are dressed and upholstered with a minimum of fuss - lots of plain linen, simple square cushions and a few panels of subtly patterned or embroidered fabric. This is a perfect space for sleeping, reading and relaxing.

Much of the room's interest lies in the suprise of finding modern furniture alongside such old architecture. The pieces have a clean-lined elegance and an unexpected lightness - the daybed on its metal frame seems almost to float above the floor. against the backdrop of the mullioned windows, the modern oval table and white leather chairs set up an interesting contrast in period and style.

It is easier to create a soulful mood in high-ceilinged rooms; here, to draw the eye upwards, the curtain pole has been fitted as close to the ceiling as possible and hung with banners of fabric that stretch right down to the floor. This increases the feeling of height in the room and makes the windows appear larger. White muslin with a fine pink stripe filters the sun and floods the room with soft hazy light - the panel of fabric can be pulled into different positions along the rail as required. the slim uprights of the modern four-poster emphasise the strong vertical element, as does the tall slice of mirror propped against the wall. The minimalist arrangements of white alliums, pink nerines and single orchid and gladioli blooms are the perfect complement to the still and tranquil mood. Beautiful and graceful without being fussy, the bright pink of the blooms highlights the subtler use of pink elsewhere.

The details in a neutral room make all the difference, and they can easily be changed to create a new mood. here, the only accessories are tonal - in deeper or richer shades of pink or subtle stripes and patterns.

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