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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How to create a Sponge stamp splashback for your kitchen.

1. Paint white emulsion in a band to form a splashback a little wider than twice the width of a foam square.

2. Using two or three real leaves as templates, draw a leaf shap on each foam square and cut out.

3. Pour the ochre, brown and terracotta paints into three separate saucers. Roller ochre paint on to the first squares and press on to white splashback area at the bottom edge. Roller brown paint on to the second square and press on to the splashback next to the first. Do the same withe the terracotta paint. Repeat until you have two rows of alternating leaf squares.

You will need: emulsion paint in white, ochre, brown and terracotta, paintbrush, two or three types of leaf, felt pen, three squares of thin foam, craft knife, cutting mat, three saucers and small paint roller.

Time needed: 2 hours

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