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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kitchen Tips: Fresh and Modern

The modern kitchen is designed for today's lifestyle, with clean lines to encsure that no space is wasted and easy-to-maintain surfaces. It's definitely no-frills without being in any way austere. Strong colours and warm wood are welcoming, burnished steel is stylish as well as practical and together they add up to a great place to be, whether you're cooking or chatting.
If you are a modern cook who loves to conjure up the traditional family meal at weekends but who needs good food fast for weekday suppers, this is the perfect style to choose. Your microwave won't look out of place and everything is organised to keep it all close to hand. It's an easy look to achieve, too - with basics in place, all you need are good stainless steel pans, toaster and kettle, chunky glass bowls and storage jars, plus classic white crockery.

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