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Monday, 21 May 2012

Bathroom TIPS: Marine Style

Use shades of aqua and mosaic to create a smart, practical family bathroom. The simplest way to create the mosaic effect is to use a water-resistant wallcovering.

This cheerful bathroom scheme creates a stimulating atmosphere and the mid-aqua walls give the room a fresh vibrancy.

For Practicality and durability, PVC (vinyl resin) floor tiles have been used in a similar shade to work with the rest of the scheme. For added impact, the flooring incorporates a slightly sparkly quality.

To protect the painted walls, it may be worth putting up a simple glass or Perspex splashback along the length of the bath, especially if your children are young.

Shelving is kept at a sensible height, out of reach of small children. A mosaic wall covering has been used to jazz up an old cabinet, as well as lining shelf edges for added decorative touch. Try using real mosaic panels as insets between plain white tiles to further enhance the look. Finally, keep accessories to a minimum for this breezy look.