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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Modern flowers for a summer party.

Forget the traditions of old-fashioned flower arranging, be experimental and bold.

 The same room has been transformed for a party with stunning modern flowers - new ways of displaying old favourites that break all the rules.

A posy of sweet peas, roses and peonies is combined with towering arum lilies and a single pink nerine in a curved vase, while peonies and hydrangea heads are submerged in water, their saturated colours glowing through the glass.

And there are startling uses of more flowers such as Allium schubertii, its glorious mauve sprays exploding from green glass like a great flowery firework.

Unexpected colours, shapes and textures delight the eye at every turn - the delicacy of tiny roses and sweet peas offset by spear-like leaves and spindly seed heads.

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