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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Spring Inspired Home Decor by Lubna Ali Khan

 1. Flowers
Adding flowers in your home during spring time is a great way of bringing the outdoors in. Flowers can make your home smell amazing and lift up your mood. A great way to incorporate flowers in your home is to get a bunch of glass milk bottles and decorate them. You can use a black twine if you want to add a rustic look to it. You can also use ribbons and bows if you want a pastel theme. Just wrap them around the bottle anyway you fancy. Lastly fill them up with water and your favorite flowers. If you have trouble taking care of flowers then you can put some fake flowers as well. And you’re done. Now you have a great piece to decorate your mantel or side tables with. 




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2. Incorporate bright colors
A good way to change up your room for the spring time is to change your duvet. You can invest in a bright colored duvet which will brighten up your whole room. Also if you have a sofa in your room, then place a colorful blanket on top of it to give your room a pop of color. Place some floral throw pillows on your bed. You can also change up accessories around your home and replace them with ones that have a pop of color. Paint your basic white frames turquoise, coral or yellow color. These little things make a big difference. They basically give a new life to your room.



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3. Floral wall art
Buy paintings and artworks that are spring inspired. They can be floral or bright colored paintings. If you don’t have enough money to buy expensive paintings then you can just print out your favorite spring time photos. You can either frame them or you can get a twine and some clothespin to make a tumblr inspired photo time line. 

4. Centerpiece
Place a centerpiece with some fresh flowers on your dining table. Blue, green and white colors from flowers, give your eating area a very beautiful modern look.

5. Area rug
If you have plain walls, furniture and curtains then things like throw pillows, area rugs or photo frames can really brighten up the room. A bright area rug can give your space a pop of color. There is an amazing collection of beautiful area rugs online. From overdyed rugs to hand knotted Persian rugs the choices are endless. This way you won’t have to do a lot of work to bring in color to your home and just by changing up a few things you’ll have a spring inspired home.

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6. Let light make its way to your home 
Spring is all about bright lights and colors so in order to lighten up your space use thin drapes on your windows so that the sunlight illuminates your home and you save money on electricity bills. But if your house doesn’t have direct access to sunlight then invest in lamps and chandeliers if you can.   

Article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. 


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