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Monday, 17 September 2012

Bathroom DIY: Bubble effect muriel

Wash the surface with a mild detergant solution, and then wipe it over with a cloth rinsed in methylated spirit to remove and traces of grease. Make sure the surface is completely dry. For a neat finish, trim around each tile motif using sharp scissors, leaving just a small border of clear plastic around the design. Plan where you are going to position each motif before you stick any down. Peel away the backing sheet of one of the otifs. Place the motif in position, the press it firmly in place using a clean, dry lint-free cloth to get rid of any airbubbles, working from the centre of the design to the outside edge. Avoid sticking motifs in areas where they will become saturated (in a shiwer, for example).
You will need: mild detergent, cloth, methylated spirit, tile transfer motifs, scissors, clean, lint-free cloth.
Time needed: 30 minutes

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