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Friday, 23 September 2011

Handy workstation

Turn two coffee tables into an indispensable kitchen trolley that provides extra workspace and storage, too.

You will need: two identical low tables, paintbrush, eggshell paint, pencil, 8 right-angled brackets with screws, drill, screwdriver, chrome rail 5cm shorter than table width, 4 castors.

Time needed: 2 hours plus drying time
Step1: Paint both tables with two coats of eggshell paint and leave to dry.

Step2: Stand one table on top on the other and draw round the legs. Position right0angle brackets on the table top (one on the inside corners of each leg, i.e. two brackets per leg) and mark where screw holes will go on the top of the lower table and on the legs of the upper table. Drill holes in the table top and in the legs of the upper table.

Step3:Screw brackets to the legs, then pklace the upper table on the lower table, lining up with the pencil marks, and screw the brackets to the table top.

Step4: Screw the rail to the top edge of the table and screw a castor to the bottom of each leg.

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